Don’t Blame the Driver for the Limo Crash- Blame OSHA

You SHOULD Feel Scared Driving in Today’s Storm! (2/13/19 update)

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4 min readOct 13, 2018
This is what happens when OSHA does not protect employees who report.

WARNING, Connecticuters: SHOULD Feel Scared Driving in Today’s Storm! Our government fires employees who report to OSHA and OSHA does not protect whistleblowers. You see, Curtis is the whistleblower who drove snow trucks for the City of Hartford, who #SavedLivesGotFired for reporting life threatening hazards that saved connecticut citizens lives. What happens when employees do not report? — The NY limo accident that killed 20 Americans souls. People die when employees do not report. Working class discrimination is the largest discriminatory group in the world. No matter what your color, no matter what your race, no matter what your political affiliation, no matter if you live in the rural South or the progressive North. Working class discrimination is everywhere as long as you have a civil justice system where it cost tens of thousands of dollars to enforce your rights. Enforcing your rights is not free; thus, powerful companies prey on your lack of financial resource to force Americans to work in dangerous working conditions. If you file an OSHA report you will be fired. Now can you imagine if your employer was the City of Hartford? The City of Harford has a legal duty to protect its citizens from harm, unlike greedy corporations. You pay taxes to the City to protect your safety. To make sure the city snow truck is not going to slam into your family car killing your children. What happens when employees do not report? — Scott, the NY limo driver who did not report life threaten hazards in fear of getting fired. Drove the limo that killed 20 Americans souls. People die when employees do not report. Everyday, working class Americans, especially in progressive Connecticut, are forced to drive an unsafe vehicle or be fired. You say there are laws to protect them. You are wrong!

If you report to OSHA and the City of Hartford is fined your 20-year career with no blemishes will go up in smoke. Now you will be seen as a troublemaker, and you must go. Curtis worked for the City of Hartford for over 20 years. He saw life-threatening hazards and reported it to his boss at the Hartford’s Department of Public Works. His boss told him, “to shut up and get back to work.” So Curtis reported these life-threatening hazards to OSHA. THE CITY OF HARTFORD WAS FINED THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! Curtis was FIRED. You would think the City of Hartford would be grateful when employees report known hazards. Reporting hazards that would save Connecticut citizens lives. You would be wrong. If you report to OSHA and the City of Hartford is fined! You are will be FIRED!

When you save lives and your reward for saving lives is getting fired! What kind of message is that sending the City of Hartford employees?

Curtis has been fighting the city of Harford for his job back. He is now in settlement talks, the City of Hartford said they would “give him more money before giving him his job back.” But Curtis does not want money. He only wants his job back. Americans should not be forced to work in unsafe working conditions. When you report known hazards, you should not be fired. Now many of Curtis’s co-workers at the City of Hartford, see life-threatening hazards but refuse to report it in fear they would be fired like Curtis. Their boss says, see what happened to Curtis. You could be NEXT!

The cost of accessing the court is so high and the City of Hartford has deep pockets. The City of Hartford rather wastes your tax dollars with high price lawyers than give Curtis his job back.

1. Call the Press; and Share using the #SaveLivesGotFired
2. Please call Mayor Luke Bronin (860)757–9500 to say “Give Curtis his job back!”
3. If you have information about the City of Harford’s workplace dangers or employment discrimination, please contact lawyer: Peter D. Goselin Esq. 557 Prospect Avenue Hartford, CT 06105. Ph: 860–580–9675.

Due Process Suppression

To prove working class discrimination. The District Court of Connecticut, Chief Judge Janet C. Hall placed barriers to prevent Curtis access to justice. These barriers include moving the case from Hartford were are the litigates and witness are located to Bridgeport. (These barriers were confirmed by the 2nd cir.,)